CeBIT 2015 Part1- In Internet of Things, It's a War of Platforms

Analytics Center was in CeBIT 2015, the world’s largest and the most international computer expo, which took place in Hannover Germany in 16-20 March. The conferences are dedicated to providing a 360° overview of the digital industry’s four core markets: IT, Telecommunications, Digital Media and Consumer ElectronicsAs analysts predict, as of 2020, nearly every new product and object will be capable of "communicating" via the Internet. As an insider, our Co-Founder of Analytics Center, Hamit Hamutçu would like to share his highlights of the IoT sessions.

“My main takeaway from the IoT sessions at CeBIT 2015 in Germany: Germans are serious about extending their industrial and machinery dominance into the IoT world. The argument goes like this (in very basic terms): US has the lead in consumer platforms, mainly in the form of Android by Google and iOS by Apple. These will drive the smart home, personal health type applications and are very hard to challenge with hundreds of millions of installed base globally. Sure there is still lots to do on integration (e.g. how do various smart and not-so-smart devices talk to each other at home) and big data analytics (e.g. what does all the activity and sleep data mean for your health and healthcare provider) but it's even more complicated when it comes to mega-factories or turbines! With players like Siemens and Bosch, there is tremendous effort to make sure that Made in Germany is not just a sign of high quality manufacturing, but also a platform where industrial internet happens. There is a lot of cooperation and coordination happening, Industry 4.0 initiative playing quarterback, and an open-system mindset seems to be adopted. So will Industry 4.0 reach its objective and will Germany be the Silicon Valley for machines? It remains to be seen but with Bosch putting out 3 million sensors on devices per day just in its own, it might just become real.”


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