Dubai Smart Government, MIT Connection Science & Analytics Center signed Memorandum of Understanding

Leaders of Business and Technology met to define smarter strategies for Businesses at smartcon 2015 Dubai - “Leadership for a Data Driven Economy” conference on 23rd and 24th of November at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai for visionary and innovative content on Big Data, IoT, Disruptive Technologies, data-driven smarter decision-making including Smart Government & Smart Cities.

smartcon event series are organized by Analytics Center, a thought leadership, expertise and knowledge center providing business leaders, and professionals, a collaborative sharing platform and a community - Research and Knowledge resources, Learning and Guidance services. smartcon aims to serve as a platform where the best minds, governments, practitioners, investors, academicians and institutions can get together to share best practices and develop a Regional network while supporting the entire eco-system of new and disruptive technologies around Big Data, Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. As the use of these new tools are increasing to improve services globally and accelerate innovation cycle for the benefit of populations, businesses and governments; such capabilities are going to be key for the UAE.

Aiming to become a world-class smart government of 21st century, Dubai Smart Government's mission is to formulate and implement policies and initiatives for innovative and smart ICT usage contributing to economic welfare, social progress, and global competitiveness of Dubai. 

Meanwhile, MIT Connection Science is improving organizations through deep insights into human behavior and targeted interventions that leverage human networks, with applications ranging from energy to financial services to social adoption of new ideas.

Unified with the same vision while giving support to one another, Dubai Smart Government,  MIT Connection Science and Analytics Center announced partnership for smartcon 2015 Dubai and future research studies based on business needs and existing competencies to augment the strategy of Dubai Smart Government.

In collaboration with Dubai Smart Government, while considering the international best practices, Analytics Center & MIT Connection Science will review and understand DSG’s strategy, objectives and challenges for possible research projects, such as customer adoption, smart marketing via adaptive and predictive techniques using available data and social physics methods, enhanced publics sector provisioning, enhanced decision making and planning purposes, operational efficiency and data innovation.

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