Four of the Greatest Smart Innovations Impacting Our Lives

The smart revolution continues to bring connectivity, communication, and interactivity to the world in all shapes and sizes. Needless to say, there are tons of “smart” innovations that bring the analog world and technology together, but some deserve far more praise than others. Here are four particularly smart innovations that have either made an amazing impact in how we experience our lives, or will soon bring about monumental change to the ways we live.

Smart Medicine

We’re on the cusp of a new era in smart medical technology, services, and treatments. It’s clear that in just a few years even our most modern and effective treatments will be outdated compared to the possibilities. Take, for example, how our devices are already fueling new ways to track vitals such as our blood pressure, remind ourselves of when to get a checkup, and offer ways to interact more often with our physicians and other medical experts.

On top of this, many universities and research institutions around the world are already researching how nanotechnology can make surgery, chemotherapy, and other medical procedures far less invasive and more successful. Smart medicine is just getting started, and will soon improve all our lives and hopefully even improve our longevity.

Smart Cars

The most advanced piece of technology in automobiles used to be the radio. That’s hardly the case anymore, with smart cars beginning to offer not just remote start and keyless ignition technology, but also intelligent parking, theft tracking, and more. Cars can integrate with the drivers’ devices, detect poor judgment, and make operating a vehicle not just a more comfortable experience, but a safer one, too.

Plus, thanks to companies like Google, a whole new meaning is emerging among smart cars with the advent of autonomous cars just around the corner. In a few years, if Google has its way, we might even start thinking about driving a car in the same way we think about elevators needing operators.


Smart Homes

Smart homes have emerged as graceful, effective ways to add functionality seamlessly into our lives. For many, the home is a main “base” for recharging and for getting things done, and the “smart home” simply combines innovations to help us make the most of the time we spend there. Already, there is Smart technology for controlling everything from the temperature to the TV, the food cooking in your oven, and more.

Keep in mind that these innovations are simply what’s available today. As IoT and other new technology develops, smart technology will become more ubiquitous and integrated into our homes and apartments. Rather than depending on a slew of different companies and their hardware, our homes will have one voice, one identity, and one easy way to interact with our lives.


Arguably the “smart” devices that brought the idea of smart technology into the limelight, smartphones have already far surpassed our initial expectations, and gone further than many people even dreamed of. Many hope that the same level of increased convenience will be attained through other smart technology.

Prior to the iPhone’s launch in 2007, the idea of having a calculator, encyclopedia, search engine, alarm clock and numerous other tools contained within a small device that could also make calls seemed impossible. Today, we depend on these services every day, and see them as basic conveniences. There’s a reason why more than 2 billion people, equal to more than a quarter of the world population, are expected to be using smartphones by 2016.

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