learning programs


Analytics Center learning programs help leaders, professionals and practitioners to boost their capabilities.
Analytics Center provides trainings tailored to roles, verticals, business functions and levels. Participants gain new analytical skills, capabilities and perspectives.

Our standard training programs are composed of a series of coursework and workshop sessions in various lengths for different levels and roles. Corporate training programs are customly designed trainings in accordance with the capabilities, roles of attendees and industry and analytics maturity of the organization.

Corporate Training

Analytics Center provides short-term, on-site guidance from our analytics experts, tailored to the specific needs of your company, so you can develop a stronger, more dynamic analytics program. By coaching top organizations, Analytics Center consultants help& guide you past the hurdles posed by technology, staffing, culture, organization structure, and ROI, to address your most critical analytics challenges. Work with Analytics Center staff and faculty to build a customized roadmap and empower your analytics team to succeed.