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2: Strategy Design To Create Competitive Advantage

March 4 - March 6


Strategy Education Topics


It is getting harder and harder every day to make a profit from your business activities that you are operating. Aside from the continuously growing competition, the increased variety and transparency that the internet produces, new technologies, new business models, the complications that arise from new products and services, increasing costs and political crises are melting the profitability of your company.

There is a solution for this troubled environment that will relieve your problems regarding profits: To design and implement a work strategy suitable for your company and environment requirements.


Participants in this training will learn:

  • 7 essential questions of business strategy,
    • Which Markets Will We Operate?
    • Why do we do what we do? What is our Strategic Goals and Claimed Case?
    • What will be the size of the competitive advantage?
    • How will we gain competitive advantage? What will be our strategic identity?
    • Which activities and Competencies do we invest in to maintain our Competitive Advantage, will we apply Defending and deleveraging?
    • How to prevent competition from replicating our competitive advantage?
  • The methods that will solve hard problems in business life, Strategic data collecting methods,
  • Strategy, competition advantage, business strategies, division, product and project strategies, strategic planning and business model concepts,
  • Business strategies and design methods that will make company sectors profit way above than average,
  • Learn Business strategy success indices,
  • Reinforce learnings with Case studies and real examples from Turkish and Foreign Sectors.