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202 – Management Information and Data Systems

The course aims to provide an understanding of systems, components and functions of information and data systems used in practice and fundamental skills for efficiently using these systems.

Course Coverage

Introduction to Management Information Systems

  • MIS and the Business Community
  • The Components of an Information System
  • Systems Innovation

Information Systems Development

  • IS Development Process
  • Issues With IS Development
  • Other Development Platforms Methodologies

Hardware and Software of Information Systems

  • Progress in Hardware Technology
  • Software
    1. Evolution of Software
    2. Batch Processing
    3. Time Sharing
    4. Open-Source Software
    5. Software Services
    6. Mobile Applications
  • Networks

Data Management

  • Introduction to Data Management
    1. Data vs. Information vs. Knowledge
    2. Utilizing Data to Make Decisions
    3. Knowledge Management
  • Data Management and Efficiency
  1. Data Management within Organizations
  2. Reality and Data
  3. Defining Data
  4. Granularity
  5. Identifiers
  6. Values
  7. Relationship Management
  8. Metadata

Strategic Management Information Systems

  • Change in the Information Age
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Organizations and Information Systems

Security Failures and the Future of MIS

  • Information Systems Security
  • System Failures
  • The Future of MIS

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