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402 – AI for Business Executives

November 28 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Practical AI — with models and algorithms of learning from data, is now possible thanks to immense amounts of data available, the technology of storing and processing these huge data sets, and sophisticated, complex models and algorithms of learning from them.

AI for Business Executives

The 1-day AI for Executives course focuses on these aspects: The AI revolution & technology ecosystem, typical applications and illustrations on how today’s smart machines operate, risks and challenges, and the business ecosystem around AI.

Course Coverage

AI Revolution

  1. Practical AI: Learning from Data
  2. Why Now?
    • Data
    • Technology
    • Algorithms
  3. The AI Economy

AI Ecosystem

  1. Technologies of Applying Machine Learning & AI Models
  2. Open Source/Proprietary AI Software
  3. Non-profits: Partnership on AI, OpenAI

AI Applications & Illustrations

  1. Large Scale Learning: Machine Learning on Big Data
  2. Probabilistic Learning
    • Illustration: Human Behavior Analysis
  3. Deep Learning
    • Illustration: Understanding Natural Language
    • Illustration: Understanding Images
  4. Reinforcement Learning
    • Computers that Play Games
    • Autonomous Driving

AI Business

  1. How AI will Transform Traditional Businesses
  2. High Potential Areas to Apply AI and ML
  3. Most Common Business Applications of AI

Getting Teams Together

  1. Next Generation Jobs
  2. How to Find Right Talents for Organizations
  3. Alliances to Unlock Potentials

*Please note that our trainings are in Turkish.

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