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Digital Transformation & Future Technologies

December 13, 2019

Thanks to digital technologies, the way of doing business in all sectors are undergoing a significant transformation. Digital technologies have increased business efficiency which reduced relative unit costs and increased the relative unit prices of corporations by offering higher value to customers. According to a study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), companies that understand the importance and value of digital transformation have 26% higher profitability and 12% higher company rating than those who do not. Corporations gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage both require the creation and optimization of corporate processes.

In this training/seminar, we will share innovative technology applications from other sectors that feed the financial ecosystem, mainly the finance sector.

Besides subjects such as the internet of things, data analytics, artificial intelligence and robotics, cloud computing, 3D printers, augmented reality, cyber security, simulation and vertical and horizontal software integration technologies development in Turkey and the World, changing how we work and how to integrate these technologies, we will discuss what the mentioned technologies provide, platform business models and subscription business models. In addition, we will introduce the methodology that should be applied when implementing digital transformation projects, discuss the factors that hinder the success of digital transformation and the measures that need to be taken to succeed, and we will enrich the training/seminar with local and global examples and cases.