Analytics Center trains professionals from different backgrounds in the field of Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, Business Strategy, Marketing and Sales. Training programs are enriched with real case studies and customized to meet company & individual needs. All our trainers are subject matter experts with relevant academic and business experience.



Strategical Trainings

  • Public Trainings

    • Courses are announced according Analytics Center training calendar
    • Professionals from different companies and industries enroll for the opened sessions
    • Courses are enriched with latest trends of techniques, industry use cases and methodologies
    • Theoretical courses are supported with lab sessions to gain hands on practical experience

  • Customized Corporate Trainings

    • Comprehensive training plan is designed to meet different needs of different levels of professionals of companies
    • Courses are customized according to specific needs of companies
    • Theoretical courses are supported with real case studies with real company data to gain hands on practical experience
    • Program spans through a longer period of time with mentorship to support on the job development

  • Special Workshop Sessions

    • Special workshops with industry thought leaders and best-in-class practitioners from world’s leading firms
    • Workshops target to create vision to apply disruptive models and practical tips to apply these models

Upcoming Trainings